jonradio Current Year and Copyright Shortcodes

Provides Shortcodes to display the Current Year and/or a Copyright symbol.

More Details

Inserts the current Year into a Post or Page through the use of a Shortcode. And always keeps it up to date. For example, a Page created today (2012) viewed 5 years from now (2017) will show the Year current when it is viewed (2017) by any site visitor.

A second Shortcode inserts a Copyright symbol: ©. And a third provides both because of WordPress restrictions of using two Shortcodes side-by-side.

The [y] shortcode inserts the four digit current year into any Page or Post no matter whether you use the Visual or the HMTL editor tab in Edit Post or Edit Page. The [c] shortcode inserts the © Copyright symbol, using the official HTML coding for a copyright symbol. The [cy] shortcode inserts the © Copyright symbol, a blank and the current year.

For example, if you are continually refining an older article that you want to copyright on a WordPress Page, you could put the following at the bottom of the page:

[c] 1997-[y] John Smith

Assuming it is currently the year 2012, that would display as:

© 1997-2012 John Smith

In 2013, it would automatically display as © 1997-2013 John Smith without anyone having to edit the Page.

IMPORTANT USAGE NOTE: WordPress does not currently support the use of two Shortcodes in a row on a Page or Post. In other words, [c][y] WILL NOT WORK! As of this writing (June 24, 2012), the WordPress Development Team has this issue scheduled for resolution in a “Future Release”, a state it has remained in for the last 20 months. That is why the [cy] Shortcode has been provided.

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