jonradio Display Kitchen Sink

The jonradio Display Kitchen Sink plugin for WordPress displays the second row of icons above the Editor area of the Edit Page and Edit Post pages in the Admin panel of WordPress. This second row of icons, known as The Kitchen Sink, is not displayed by default; many beginning and infrequent users become confused or frustrated when they are unable to find these icons.

Because this plugin displays the second row of Editor icons for all users every time the Edit Page and Edit Post pages are displayed, clicking the Kitchen Sink button to hide the second row of icons will only work until the page is next refreshed.

Activating this Plugin enables this behavior (displaying The Kitchen Sink for everyone). Deactivating this Plugin disables this behaviour. There is no Settings page. Because this Plugin does not store Settings in the WordPress database, Uninstall does nothing more than remove the Plugin’s files.

This plugin is simple enough that it should work with both previous and future versions of WordPress, but it has not been tested on versions prior to 3.3

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