jonradio Perpetual Calendar

Plugin en el español por Andrew de WebHostingHub.

The jonradio Perpetual Calendar plugin allows your Site Visitors to display the Day of Week for any Date they enter, via Shortcode or PHP Function. The term Perpetual Calendar normally refers to the display a calendar of any week or month across a broad range of years.  However, it is almost always used to determine the day of the week for a given date, which is what this plugin does.

Here is what the user will see when you use the plugin’s Shortcode in a Page, Post or any other place where Shortcodes are allowed:


Feel free to try it out (above) — it actually works.  Click Help and Info to see the Site Visitor usage information provided.

Providing your site visitors with a Perpetual Calendar is as easy as installing and activating this Plugin with Add Plugin and inserting the  [pcal] Shortcode in a Page, Post or any other place where Shortcodes are allowed.  The Shortcode Name can be changed on the plugin’s Settings page.

The jr_weekday function is also defined upon plugin activation, so that it can be called in any php code, including templates, within your WordPress environment.  It returns the same message as the Shortcode; it does NOT directly display through echo or other means. And it does not display the user input form, i.e. – the HTML <form>.

Supported dates range from November 25, 4714 B.C. (1 A.D. when Plugin Settings specify “Do not allow Dates more then 2000 Years in the Past”) to December 31, 9999 A.D.; the jr_weekday function accepts years larger than 9999, but it has not been tested for accuracy past the year 9999.  Illegal dates, such as February 31 of any year, and the Year Zero (A.D. or B.C.), are detected and an error message is returned in place of the message indicating the weekday.

More details are provided on the WordPress Plugin Repository page for this plugin:

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