jonradio Private Site

Creates a Private Site by allowing only those logged on to view the WordPress web site.  Settings select the initial destination after login.

More Details

Allows the Administrator to restrict a WordPress-based web site to viewing only by registered users who are logged on.

Any attempt to view any Page, Post or other part of the site will see anyone not logged on greeted by a WordPress login screen. A Settings Page allows the Administrator to determine where Users will be automatically directed to each time that they login, a “Landing Location”.

A Setting also allows the Private Site feature to be turned off. When the plugin is installed and activated, the Private Site feature is set off by default, to allow the Administrator an opportunity to become familiarized with the plugin’s features and to set the desired settings. A warning that the site is not private appears after first activation of the plugin until the Administrator visits the plugin’s Settings page.

If a WordPress Network is defined, the plugin can be activated individually for select sites. Or Network Activated. In either case, each site will have its own Settings page where the Private Site feature can be turned off (default) or on for just the one site, and a Landing Location defined for each site.

Login prompts are provided whenever a non-logged in user (“site visitor”) attempts to access any URL controlled by WordPress on the web site. This plugin does not control non-WordPress web pages, such as .html and .php files created by hand or by other software products. Or images and other media and text files directly accessed by their URL, or from a browser’s directory view, if available.

Yes, there are other plugins that hide some or all WordPress content for any site visitor who is not logged on. But when I was searching for a solution for one of the web sites I support, I decided to “write my own” because I knew how it worked and felt comfortable that there would be no way for anyone not logged in to view the site, including Search Engines.

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