Terk AM Advantage

The CCRadio-EP requires an external AM antenna to avoid the overloading that occurs with its internal antenna in locations close to high powered AM radio station transmitters.  The Terk AM Advantage tuned loop antenna is a relatively compact and inexpensive solution.

For example, at a previous location, the CCRadio-EP’s internal antenna could not avoid a local 50,000 watt station on 1260 KHz being heard during quiet portions of a nearby 10,000 watt station on 1440 KHz, while still getting clear reception of the 10,000 watt station.

To accomplish this with the Terk required:

  1. Aiming the loop to a point where the 10,000 watt station was still clear and strong, but the 50,000 watt station was as quiet as possible
  2. Tuning the loop above 1440 until the 1260 station disappeared but the 1440 station was still clear

To receive weaker stations when using the Terk, an external audio amplifier is required, since the internal audio amplifier of the CCRadio-EP was designed with the internal antenna’s high RF output in mind.  The Signal to Noise Ratio (S:N) of the CCRadio-EP is good enough to allow the use of an external audio amplifier without the usual white noise you might expect from older tube or even germanium transistors.